Sander Leemans

The ProM Quick Visualiser offers a fast way to access several ProM plug-ins, especially visualisers. Instead of loading ProM, importing a file, selecting the correct importing plug-in and then starting a visualisation, simply open it in the Quick Visualiser or double-click on a file in your file manager.

screenshot of the ProM Quick Visualiser

Download, and run as a Jar file (on a command line, type `java -jar ' and then the file name. Optionally, it takes a parameter of a supported file. The source code is available on svn, with the same licence(s) as ProM itself.

The zip to download is large, however the ProMQuickVisualiser does not use internet connectivity to work: there's no download and waiting time afterwards. Furthermore, the ProMQuickVisualiser does not track usage.

Supported files:

Latest updates:

NB: with each update, underlying packages of ProM are updated to their latest version.